22:59-- Guest_2423: I'm DJing an 80th birthday party tomorrow downtown...
23:15-- chalkedup: have fun, dont go giving anyone a heart attack lol
14:24-- Guest_2144: back to the old stone age hhhhhhhhhh
14:24-- Guest_2144: :O
14:26-- Guest_2144: dissco hhhhhhh :thumb
14:26-- Guest_2144: in qatar doha ramada
21:09-- Guest_8825: 8407
21:03-- chalkedup: evening
21:10-- Guest_8157: RIP IT LA JOLLA - aj
21:12-- DJ La Jolla: AJ!
21:12-- DJ La Jolla: Happy Halloween, Chalked!
21:16-- Guest_8157: Be sure to mix in some Cut Copy for us prior to the show tonight LA JOLLA! :)
21:21-- Guest_8363: you bet
21:52-- DJ La Jolla: We are back....
22:43-- chalkedup: :thumb
22:55-- Guest_8363: Good night everyone!
Thank you all for tuning in, & have Happy Halloween
22:57-- Guest_5751: GrE
22:57-- Guest_6486: Great show
22:58-- Guest_8363: Thanks!
23:00-- Guest_4168: thanks Evan! groovy set

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(