2:39-- Guest_5401: does any one know a site or sites with downloads of simply jeff, micro ,ak1200,dj rap...preferably old mixtapes
11:09-- Guest_1313: have a look on the torrent sites
4:03-- Guest_4556: undefined
21:03-- DJ La Jolla: Back again!
21:08-- chalkedup: :thumb
21:40-- Guest_1521: What up DJ La Jolla, it's espy, let's hear some Goldroom
21:41-- Guest_9560: what's up brother
21:41-- Guest_9560: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:49-- Guest_9560: found a great goldroom track...
21:51-- Guest_9560: Thanks espy... dig it!!!
22:20-- Guest_4595: :) :)
22:20-- Guest_9036: :thumb
22:21-- Guest_9560: :)
22:41-- Guest_9560: This song goes out to Harold who just text me
22:59-- Guest_9560: Good Night, thanks for tuning in everyone!!!
23:01-- chalkedup: excellent show mate
23:01-- Guest_9560: That was too fun

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(