21:02-- chalkedup: lol
21:02-- Guest_4653: hay we are all still here
21:02-- Guest_6550: Meeting before would be cool tho, Phil usually on the door at stompede but he might not say anything if your with the stars of the show. Lol
21:03-- Guest_4653: we are playing Firefly you dick. havent got time to type to your bollox!
21:03-- Guest_4653: you are background noize, nothing more!!!!!!
21:05-- Guest_6550: Dick ! :-P
21:08-- Guest_8408: Word! Up
21:08-- Guest_8408: Classic from the vault
21:09-- Guest_8408: Stiltskin inside
21:10-- Guest_8408: Dracos ya bell end!
21:32-- $imBa: Bustin out some classics!
21:44-- sam: :thumb
21:50-- $imBa: Evening Sam!
22:04-- Guest_6641: :)
22:39-- Guest_2115: Fudge nuggets
22:40-- Guest_2115: Hope you've enjoyed the show
23:04-- $imBa: Smell ya later bellends!
23:08-- Guest_7242: hey
23:09-- Guest_7476: :thumb :titty
23:09-- Guest_8540: :titty :D

:) :( :titty :thumb :D :O :S O.O :_(